Types of fluids:

Many systems in your vehicle rely on fluids to aid you in operating your vehicle and reduce wear and tear on its parts. It can be hard to know when to service these systems or why its so important to do so, so we've created this page as a guide to proper fluid maintenance. 

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Windshield wiper fluid,  yellow cap, service

Windshield washer fluid:

You never want to find out you're low on windshield washer fluid when you need it. Whether you need the fluid to be topped off, new wiper blades or any other maintenance out service technicians are ready to assist you. 

Power steering fluid:

Your power steering system uses hydraulic fluid to assist you in handling your vehicle. if you find it is harder to turn your steering wheel or hear a squealing noise when taking a turn you should schedule service as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Power steering fluid, yellow cap, power steering service
Brake fluid, yellow cap, service

Brake Fluid:

Just like your power steering system your brakes use fluid to make it easier for you to slow down and come to a complete stop. If your brake fluid is low you may find it is taking longer to slow down or stop this can put increased amounts of wear on your brakes and make it more difficult to avoid collisions. 

Engine Coolant:

Your engine uses coolant to prevent overheating and preventing performance issues. If your coolant gets low you may notice worse fuel efficiency and higher oil temperatures this can lead to lasting damage, it is important to schedule service before any problems progress. 

Engine coolant, yellow cap, coolant flush
differential gear, diffrential oil, maintenance, service

The differential gear uses fluid to reduce friction and prolong the life of the gears. If you hear a clanking or grinding noise while driving you may be low on differential fluid and should schedule service before permanent damage occurs.